H. D. Milhollen Virginia Courthouse Etching and Photograph Collection

C1: 068
178 photographs, 158 film negatives, 13 etchings

C1:068 H. D. Milhollen Virginia Courthouse Etching and Photograph Collection (LVA 09_0869_019)

Courthouses were essential in establishing a sense of permanence and rule in early Virginia communities, being not only centers of legal and civic activity but venues for business and barter, playing host likewise to a spectrum of community-building social activities such as picnics and games. In the winter of 1940–1941, the Virginia-based Hirst Dillon Milhollen (1906–1970), an etcher by trade and chairman of the exhibits committee for the Washington Society of Etchers, photographed courthouses throughout the commonwealth, the only criterion for inclusion being that the courthouse had to predate 1871 in its construction. The following year, Milhollen privately printed Old Virginia Court Houses, a 100-edition loose-leaf portfolio whose etchings drew upon Milhollen’s own gathering of original photos.

Arrangement and access:
Alphabetical by county. 

Etchings purchased 1973, photos and negatives purchased 1992 

Hirst D. Milhollen, Old Virginia Court Houses (1942)—original limited edition portfolio held in LVA Special Collections 

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Carl Lounsbury, The Courthouses of Early Virginia: An Architectural History (2005)

13 thoughts on “H. D. Milhollen Virginia Courthouse Etching and Photograph Collection”

    1. Yes, there are two photographs and one etching of the Lunenburg County Courthouse in the Milhollen Collection. The photographs were taken on November 24, 1941 and the etching created the following year.

      Thanks for reading the catablog, and I’ll email you thumbnails of the three images for visual reference.

  1. Hi Dale,
    Any chance Milhollen sketched the old Charles City Courthouse? I have a patron who was asking about detailed images of it. I am sure he would find an etching extremely useful. thanks!

    1. Sorry. I just checked – no etchings or photographs of the Buchanan County courthouse in the Milhollen Collection.

      But thanks for visiting “Multiple Exposure”

  2. I recently found a Hirst etching at an estate sale. Do you know anyone who does price values for etchings like these. The etching is of the Capitol Rotunda and its signed on the back.

  3. I have an original Hirst Milhollen etching entitled “Old Street, Leesburg, VA”. It is signed in pencil on the border but on the etching, in the right hand corner, there is his
    signature with a mispelled “Lessburg and then, under that, is, I think, a number that I can’t read and the word, “Dixie”. Are you familiar with this etching? When was it done? It was a gift, many years ago to my father from a patient.

  4. Annette Kankelborg

    I have original itchings of American Historical Interest by Hirst Milhollen, set 6. Can you give me any information about these.
    Thank You

    1. I too have that collecton. Origional hand etched in pencil and signed. Mine is No.7 out of limited to 25 . I can’t
      find a value either. If you have any luck or new information I’d appreciate it if you could send me any info you can provide. I’ll do the same thing for you. Thanks,. Rebrcca

    1. Are you asking the value of Hirst Milhollen etchings ? Or do you have original pencil sketches from 1941 ?

      We are not able to give appraisals, but an online search should provide you a range of values for Milhollens’s etchings. Remember that both condition and subject matter play important roles in the appraised value of prints.

  5. I just purchased original etchings
    Of American Historical Interest by Hirst Milhollen
    Editions Limited to 25 sets
    I have No. 7

    Is there an appraisal for these?

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